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Aboot Doric Ditties

Hi, I'm Alison Skinner.

Originally from Aberdeen in the north-east of Scotland, I‘ve been writing customised poems, mostly in the Doric, for special occasions for friends, family and colleagues for many years, with retirement poems a particular speciality. I’ve also had poems published in The Scots Magazine in the past.

Brought up in the Doric of the north-east of Scotland, with it’s twin influences of “fisher” Doric and “fairmin’” Doric, allows me to incorporate in my poetry the subtle detail and wry north east sense of humour which is second nature to a native Doric speaker. A childhood punctuated by the regular requirement to practice poetry recital for the annual Burns' Certificate exposed me at an early age to the world of poetry and, in particular, it's humour. However, I don’t generally write in what I would term “dense” (or “intense”) Doric, so that most of what I write can be fairly easily understood even if you don’t speak or write the Doric. As part of the service, I can provide an English translation of any custom poem -which may be appreciated by non-native Doric speakers. 
Customised poetry should be all about the person or people it’s being written for, not just a general poem with the names changed, and it gives me great pleasure to try to craft a poem which captures someone’s essence. With a hint of north-east humour infusing most lines (depending on subject matter), the recipients usually recognise much of themselves in the final product. You’ll see many personalised or custom poetry websites on the web, but how many will provide you with a unique gift in this lovely, expressive dialect we have here in the north-east of Scotland?

But I don’t just write you a poem...

Depending on the option you request, I can incorporate appropriate background graphics, or your own photographs to further enhance what will become a totally unique gift, which you will have as much pleasure giving - having been so closely involved in it’s production - as your recipient will enjoy receiving. With Standard, Premier or Deluxe options, you will have a truly custom gift, unique to the recipient, which he or she will be able to treasure for years to come.

As you will appreciate, a finely crafted poem is like a fine Scotch malt whisky – it requires a little time. I ask for any commissions to be ordered in plenty time so that I can do the best job I can for you. I endeavour to complete and despatch all commissions within 7 days, but the longer the better, especially if you are ordering from outwith the UK. This will also allow plenty time for delivery, especially as the delivery date is likely to be important to you. As each poem is uniquely tailored to the individual recipient, and depending on the graphics included, a poem may take around 3 to 4 hours to complete. Our custom poems are therefore extremely good value for such a unique, bespoke gift.

The length of the poem is determined generally by the number of verses able to be fitted onto an A4 page and still be easily readable. Generally, this means a maximum of 8 verses so that a poem can fit on one page and be framed. The poem length will also depend on the quality and quantity of information you provide. It will not always be possible to incorporate everything you state in the questionnaire form into a poem, but I endeavour to cover as much as possible.Frames are usually A4 size so that the text is more easily read, except for the more ornate frames (details still to be uploaded) which are most suitable for weddings, anniversaries or christenings.

Our ready made photopoems on a variety of subjects are framed in simple black or gold resin frames, framing an A5 (approx 8"x6") print.

So much more than just a poem

-decorative border
-graphics (optional)
-photographs (optional) 
-written especially for you
-can’t buy it in the shops
-no duplicated gifts
-shows the thought you’ve put into finding the perfect gift!

Special Occasions

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