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Weddings & Anniversaries

“Ma niece is gettin’ mairriet next month and she and the chiel she’s mairryin’ hiv baith hin their ain flats so they’ve got a’thin they need for the hoose- I wint tae gie them somethin’ special they can keep as a memento o’ their special day?”

Wedding poems
Mini copy wedding poems as favours
Poems to celebrate anniversaries
Best man-ask Doric Ditties to create a poem for you to read as basis of your speech

  • for something different, that’s not on the wedding list

  • you can be sure they won’t get a duplicate

  • what better gift to celebrate a special anniversary

  • celebrate Scots ancestry or heritage by commissioning a Doric Ditties Wedding or Anniversary poem   -  in DORIC! [Translations available]

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