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If you love all things Scots - you'll love Doric Ditties!

So, what is Doric Ditties? It's a unique gift poem service - in DORIC!

Doric Ditties allows you to commission a specially written poem (what we refer to here as a custom poem), with or without
photographs and graphics, for any special occasion - but with a twist - the poem will be written in the Doric, a form of Scots language.
We think you'll be able to understand most of it in Doric, but if this is not your native tongue, a translation can be supplied.
Framed in a frame of your choice, it makes a most unique and thoughtful gift. For posting abroad, it can be supplied unframed
in a sturdy tube.
We make it easy for you:
  • Pick up the phone and give us a call on 01542 840446, or
  • Download, print off and send us a completed questionnaire giving details of the person/event
  • Simply complete the online questionnaire and complete your order online

Custom poems specially written for you from £60 - see the categories on the right

What else do we do?

Christmas poems fae £12
"Speech in a poem" from £60
Graduation poems from £14.00
Range of readymade "Photopoems" from £12.00
Ready made poems for various occasions from £14.00
Charity Audio CD only £8

Need a unique gift idea or special wedding present for someone? Run out of time to get something? 

How about a gift voucher for a custom poem?

Doric Ditties Gift Vouchers are the perfect way to make sure you get the right present for someone because the lucky recipient gets to choose either a custom poem written especially for them, or for someone they wish to give a custom poem to, OR or a ready made poem in Doric from our available selection of ready made poems or photopoems - a  UNIQUE gift. 

Order a custom poem today